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CheChung Yeh, Ph.D.

CheChung Yeh, Ph.D.


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2340 Sutter Street. S-231
San Francisco, CA 94115
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  • National Taiwan University B.S. Zoology, 1987
  • University of Kentucky Ph.D. Toxicology, 1998
  • University California, San Francisco Postdoc, 1998-2001.

My research goal is about the integration of advancement in the fields of molecular and cellular sciences into the application for the future treatment of thoracic and cardiovascular disease. As a co-director with laboratory principal investigator, Dr. Michael Mann, we development a translation research program focusing on the biology of heart failure, with a particular emphasis on molecular pathways that may provide novel means of intervening in the progression of this disease process.

Dr. Yeh has been instrumental in the effort to develop a number of unique models for studying the role of molecular and genetic interventions both in surgical reconstructive approaches and in cardiac cell transplantation strategies. Additionally, the laboratory is involved in successful development and validation of the first practical molecular prognostic assay for early stage non-small cell lung cancer. By employing the technique from above study, we are currently analyzing the cellular signaling markers of tumor specimens that have been collected from sarcoma patients undergoing surgical treatment at UCSF.

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